Moving to Poitiers

Are you considering moving to Poitiers?

What are the factors influencing the price?

The cost of moving goods to Poitiers depends on several factors: the nature, volume and the weight of course, the distance between pickup and delivery, the level of service you require and sometimes your flexibility with the timing of the operation.

How do I choose my contractor?

When you post your transport request on App A Van, it will display to all the traders who said they operated within your chosen area and were qualified to transport your type of goods. You can choose between the quotes you receive, based on price and on the reputation they gained from previous customers like you.

Can I receive additional services?

Yes. Some of our Man & Van operators will only load and drive, but others can offer additional services like storage or packing/unpacking. Make sure your transport request is precise as to what you expect exactly from your chosen trader. If you receive no answer, you can always split your request so 2 independent contractors fulfil your demand.

Moving to Poitiers made easy

We have built up a network of experienced and carefully selected Man and Van contractors across the United Kingdom that can help you move to Poitiers. The only thing you need to do is to register on our platform, fill in the details of your request in our online form, and all interested contractors will quote you for your custom. Whether you are moving to Poitiers or within the city itself, or you have any transport need in the area, App A Van wants to be your one-stop solution.

Furthermore, by getting in touch with small Man and Van operations, you allow local traders to work within your community and promote local jobs over large companies. (not good. I want to say we are environmentally friendly due to using local contractors)

Essential links
when you’re moving to Poitiers

City council

To know about Poitiers from its day to day council matters, there are two must-see sites: Poitiers, the city, and Grand Poitiers, the urban community that brings together the municipalities of the city. Both are complementary.

On the first one, all that is essential to know and understand by newcomers is accessible with a click, especially the list of administrations and the information needed for the various steps. There is also, of course, the list of childcare facilities, schools and all educational institutions including university.

To complement Poitiers’ website, the Grand Poitiers site provides everything you need to know for a successful installation: an interactive map to get acquainted with the agglomeration and information on travel, culture or heritage.

In addition to these two sources, a special mention for the site Jeune à Poitiers (young in Poitiers) with a heading J’arrive à Poitiers (I’ve just arrived in Poitiers).

Public transport

Poitiers and its agglomeration are well equipped with public transport. The site that will make your life easier is that of Vitalis, the public transportation network of Grand Poitiers: search for itineraries, fares, services including shuttles, school buses,, auto-sharing car rental, this site is indispensable. Note that it offers a “handi bus” service for people with disabilities.

A network of intercity buses allows you to travel about in the department.

If you want to drive and park in the city, the Poitiers site contains valuable information on smart parking options according to your activities. You can also download a map of the town centre with its traffic plan.

For its part, Grand Poitiers has set up Cap sur le vélo, a rental service of bicycles and electric bikes (because of the topography of the city), as well as Carapatte-Caracycle, a friendly and ecological way for children to go to school.

Using taxis is easy too, with several companies. they regularly park near the station.

Finally, the airport site will be useful should you have longer trips in mind.


Student city, Poitiers welcomes about 30,000 students – more than one inhabitant of Grand Poitiers out of five is a student! – French or foreigners. The school and university offer, public and private, is of high quality. The University of Poitiers was founded in 1437 and is widely open to international students.

Established in the city centre, on the campus in the south-east and the Futuroscope, it covers a broad spectrum of training (law and social sciences, letters and languages, medicine, …).

Poitiers also has several higher education institutions and schools: the pôle euro-latino-américain (about 200 bachelor students) from Sciences Po Paris, the Higher Institute of Aeronautics and Space (ISAE) and the National School of Mechanics and Aerotechnics (Ensma), which host about 600 engineering students, the European School of Image (EESI), resulting from the merger of schools of art in Poitiers and Angoulême.

A few famous alumni: Rabelais, Descartes, du Bellay, Francis Bacon

Moving to Poitiers at a glance

  • One of the Metropolis of New Aquitaine, capital of the Vienne, Poitiers, city of 90 000 inhabitants, 190 000 with the urban community of Grand Poitiers, is located in the centre-west of France, 1H15 by train from Paris and 1 H from the Atlantic (La Rochelle, Ile de Ré). Its airport connects it daily to French cities, London, Manchester or Milan.
  • City on a human scale, built on a surprisingly rocky outcrop, Poitiers spreads over ten districts, bathed by two rivers, the Boivre and the Clain. Well connected to the city centre and to each other, these neighbourhoods are easily accessible and participate in harmony in the development of the city.
  • Standing on a rich history dating back 2,000 years, Poitiers is looking to the future. On its doorstep, the site of Futuroscope, the second amusement park in France but also a technology park for more than 260 companies (7,000 direct jobs, 10,600 indirect jobs, and 400 researchers), attracts public from all over the world.
  • A green and flowery city, Poitiers sees generations of children play in one of the many parks and gardens in the city (14), including the park Blossac (his French garden, his English garden), in the historic town centre, the bois de Saint-Pierre (its zoo, its swimming pool) at the periphery.
  • Nicknamed the “city with one hundred bell towers”, Poitiers is especially famous for its churches. Notre-Dame-la-Grande, a gem of Romanesque architecture. During summer nights, Poitiers takes on the colours of the Middle Ages while Saint-Pierre et Sainte-Radegonde Cathedral watches from the top of its towers on the capital Poitevin.
  • French schoolchildren know that Charles Martel defeated the Arab conquest in Poitiers in 732, but the Pictavians today are quite peaceful …
  • Poitiers is regularly close to the top on the list of cities where it is good to study. In September, a welcome party called “YOLO POITIERS” is organized by Greater Poitiers, the city, the University and the CROUS for the almost 30,000 students who register. Then begins a month of festivities (free forums, shared meals, concerts, …) to facilitate the discovery of the city and campuses, and allow newcomers to fit-in in a fun, creative and joyful way. A beautiful program for all, students and poitevins!

A green and airy environment: Poitiers is a city where you can go on foot, by bike, where you can stroll. The parks, the tree-lined streets invite you to breathe, to relax. Here are a few suggested walks: the promenade des Cours, the Jardin des Plantes, the banks of the Clain, the Norée caves.

Are you into sports? In family or alone, outdoors or indoors: water sports, swimming pools, aquatic centers, base of canoe-kayak, equestrian sports, without forgetting to push to Charente-Maritime for a ride on a famous Poitou donkey, climbing on the cliffs of Béruges or Beauvoir in the Grand Poitiers, golf, hiking or biking or remain in Poitiers centre and visit fitness and musculation centres. The very detailed website of the Tourist Office tells you all about it.

Shopping: When you move to Poitiers, while local shops can sort you out for the evening, you will surely need to go to the large shopping centres on the outskirts of town: the “Géant Beaulieu” Gallery is well known to the population; there are supermarkets, furniture stores, restaurants, hairdressers, pharmacies, gas stations. In the city centre, go to the passage des Cordeliers with its thirty or so high street brands, or in the little shops along small pedestrian streets, and bookstores. A special mention for the pretty children’s bookstore, the Belle Aventure, rue des Grandes Ecoles. The markets are a local institution, you will know very quickly where and when your neighbourhood market is held. That of Notre-Dame-la-Grande welcomes you from Tuesday to Saturday, it is an opportunity to store up fresh local produce all year long, but also to discover second-hand dealers, artisans, bookstalls in a friendly atmosphere.

The Forge Shopping Centre is open seven days a week. With over 70 high Street shops and 1,600 free parking places, it is in Parkhead, in the East End of Glasgow.

Silverburn is further away in the South West of Glasgow, in Pollok. With 4 parking (including a multi-storey) totalling almost 3,500 places, it is also easily accessible by bus or coach. The traditional High Street stores are all here, and restaurants, cafes and bars will undoubtedly cater to your needs. You can also enjoy a newly opened 14 screen Cineworld cinema.

The department is a land of gastronomy: its wonderful goat cheese, the Chabichou, its “farci”, a delicious mixture of green vegetables, desserts, macaroons, and “crushed” cakes, served with wines from Haut-Poitou, will soon be on your table. You can also taste them in the many restaurants in the city and its surroundings!

Some are famous like the Archives, housed in a nineteenth-century chapel, or Toqué! And many others will satisfy your tastebuds with family or friends.

Places to have a drink are definitely not lacking (many students, remember?), the Pub, the Taverne du Geek, Wallaby’s, Cluricaume Café or Caribou Café, to name but a few, are waiting for you.

Student city, Poitiers knows how to live the night: clubs, bars, discos? There is something for every taste. One of the most famous nightclubs, Grand’Goule, is named after a legendary creature, a kind of dragon that devoured nuns in the Middle Ages … Some other places to discover: the Room Club, the Luna, the George Sand, and many others.

Useful information for
Moving to Poitiers

Moving to Poitiers means choosing a lifestyle that is gentle and beautiful, privileging culture and enjoying a harmonious and varied nature under the temperate Atlantic climate. The pictavian life is ideal for a family, but also for students and seniors: It is just impossible to get bored.

A city where culture unfolds at every corner, Poitiers organises 3,000 shows every year, no less than 30 festivals in its 40 venues. Museums, galleries, exhibitions, theatres, music conservatory, there are so many things to do that it is impossible to quote them all. Among the must-sees: the Sainte-Croix Museum, the largest in the city, regional archeology and fine arts museum, rebuilt in the manner of Le Corbusier, the Espace Mendès-France, centre for scientific, technical and industrial culture, which offers exhibitions, conferences, debates, animations, spectacles, creations, the cultural space the Hune in Saint-Benoît (commune a few km of Poitiers), the Theatre Auditorium of Poitiers (TAP), the Médiathèque François Mitterand, the cinemas …

City where culture unfolds at every corner of the streets, Poitiers organizes 3,000 annual shows, no less than 30 festivals in its 40 venues. Museums, galleries, exhibitions, theaters, conservatory, as many outings in perspective that it is impossible to quote all. Among the must-sees: the Sainte-Croix Museum, the largest in the city, regional archeology and fine arts museum, rebuilt in the manner of Le Corbusier, the Espace Mendès-France, center for scientific, technical and industrial, which proposes exhibitions, conferences, debates, animations, spectacles, creations, the cultural space the Hune with Saint-Benoît (commune a few km of Poitiers), the Theater Auditorium of Poitiers (TAP), the Médiathèque François Mitterand, the cinemas …

Healthwise, because Poitiers University offers a medical course, the city benefits from a University Hospital Center (CHU). General practitioners and specialists, clinics, pharmacies, dispensaries are also available throughout the city.

Accommodation in Poitiers offers good value for money. If you opt for the historic centre, whether an old or modern apartment, purchase or lease, you will find a substantial offering and the opportunity to settle in a comparatively vast accommodation. If your choice of housing is for a less central area, apartments but especially houses, townhouses or surrounded by gardens, will seduce you.

In this city on a human scale, with facilities and infrastructure of superior quality, with the proximity of major cities, Paris, Bordeaux, beaches and seaside towns, such as La Rochelle, Poitiers offers all its residents, present and future, a wealth of opportunities to enjoy.