Moving to Rennes

Are you considering moving to Rennes?

What are the factors influencing the price?

The cost of moving goods to Rennes depends on several factors: the nature, volume and the weight of course, the distance between pickup and delivery, the level of service you require and sometimes your flexibility with the timing of the operation.

How do I choose my contractor?

When you post your transport request on App A Van, it will display to all the traders who said they operated within your chosen area and were qualified to transport your type of goods. You can choose between the quotes you receive, based on price and on the reputation they gained from previous customers like you.

Can I receive additional services?

Yes. Some of our Man & Van operators will only load and drive, but others can offer additional services like storage or packing/unpacking. Make sure your transport request is precise as to what you expect exactly from your chosen trader. If you receive no answer, you can always split your request so 2 independent contractors fulfil your demand.

Moving to Rennes made easy

We have built up a network of experienced and carefully selected Man and Van contractors across the United Kingdom that can help you move to Rennes. The only thing you need to do is to register on our platform, fill in the details of your request in our online form, and all interested contractors will quote you for your custom. Whether you are moving to Rennes or within the city itself, or you have any transport need in the area, App A Van wants to be your one-stop solution.

Furthermore, by getting in touch with small Man and Van operations, it gives you a chance to use local tradesmen rather than big corporate companies. We strive to be environmentally friendly within your area – creating more jobs for the local people.

Essential links
when you’re moving to Rennes

City council

On the City of Rennes’ website, you will find all the cultural information, some invaluable advice to move to Rennes (start reading it now, it’s in French only but Google is your friend) and all the information you need for everyday life in your new hometown.

Public transport

The Star is the bus and metro service of Rennes Métropole. With 145 bus lines, a metro line (as well as a second under construction), the possibility of taking self-service bicycles, a service for disabled people (HandiStar) and the Covoit’Star, moving around in Rennes is easy and pleasurable. The website, will keep you informed on schedules, state of the traffic, and whatever is new in public transport in Rennes.


As one of the largest student cities in France, we thought you might want a reminder of the Universities’ websites, Université Rennes 1 and Université Rennes 2.

Moving to Rennes at a glance

  • Each year, L’Étudiant magazine publishes a ranking of the best student cities in France. And in 2018, Rennes is in fourth place! With its two major universities, its many events and its different places to party, it’s good to be a student in Rennes.
  • The eleventh largest city in France, Rennes has just over 215,000 inhabitants. Young and dynamic, 67,000 of them are students!
  • Rennes is crossed by the river Vilaine. Contrary to what you many think, this is not pejorative (vilaine means ugly, or naughty in French). The Vilaine is beautiful. But why such a name? There are different versions, but one stands out. We must go back to the Celtic origins to find its meaning, “Ar ster vilen” meaning the river with water mills.
  • “It’s raining all the time in Brittany”. This cliché is just that, a cliché. What if we were to tell you that Nice and Bordeaux see more rain than Rennes?
  • The first computerized self-service bicycle system in the world was installed in Rennes. It receives more than 2000 uses per day and with well-defined cycle lanes, cyclists are in for a treat in Rennes.
  • Rock N Solex is the oldest festival in France. Concerts mixed with … Solex races! An unusual event that is worth watching.

Parks and green spaces: Thabor in Rennes is sumptuous. It is one of the most beautiful gardens in France and is even distinguished as a prestige garden. On more than 10 hectares of greenery and plants, you will see French gardens, English gardens, a rose garden with more than 2000 species, ponds, statues or animals … A large green space in the heart of Rennes, a place where you can really relax.

Monuments and heritage: Rennes has a truly magnificent heritage. In addition to its typical houses, it is full of monuments to visit. Among them, we can mention: the Chapelle Saint Yves and its Gothic style, the Cathédrale Saint Pierre and its gigantic organs, the Place des Lices and its extraordinary market, the Parliament of Brittany which burned in 1994, the spectacular Hôtel de Ville (city hall), the Opera House and its famous 44 steps access, the Musée des Beaux-Arts dating from 1794 or the Champs Libres, a great cultural venue in Brittany, are spectacular.

Arts and festivals: Rennes has the reputation of being hyperactive on this point. There is always something going on in the Brittany capital, all year round. Moving to Rennes is also an opportunity to discover a bustling environment! Among the many shows and festivals, we can mention Rock N Solex (mixing music and solex), the Transmusicales (huge concert at the Parc des Expositions with, in parallel many mini-concerts in every bars in the city), the Dooinit Festival ( with big names in international rap) and many other musical events like Yaouank (Brittany’s biggest fest-noz) or Mythos. But that is just the start, you have dozens more! The national festival of the animated film, Rennes sur Roulettes (Rennes on wheels) where you will have the best of gliding sports, Rennes Urbain Trail for a race crossing the monuments of the city, the nighfalls where the main monuments are illuminated, festivals of magic, cinema … The city is very dynamic, and it is not to displease the Bretons.

Rennes has the reputation of being very festive. If you move to Rennes, be aware that it’s impossible to get bored at night as you can party in many places.

La Rue de la Soif (Thirst Street), the most famous in France. Here, it’s two rooms, two atmospheres. During the day, you can admire its sublime traditional houses with wooden pan, typical of the Breton capital. When night falls, the rue Saint Michel fills up little by little to finish jampacked and a meeting point for all those who want to party. Festive symbol of Rennes, you will find a bar every 7 metres. A record, even in France. Le P’tit Vélo, l’Atelier de l’Artiste or l’Aeternam are all very nice bars with atmospheres of their own.

Les terrasses. There is more to Rennes than the Rue Saint Michel! A few minutes walk away, you will have the opportunity to have a drink and enjoy wonderful brunch on the many terraces of the city. You can, for example, take a cocktail in the atypical Prison Saint Michel with its secret courtyard to eat, drink and dance. This old Pennsylvanian-style prison is a must-do in Rennes’ nightlife. Other addresses worth a visit, the Panama with its garden and its Spanish inn style, the Loco Loca and its South American atmosphere in the garden of a hotel or the Combi Bar and its vintage atmosphere … Rennes is full of surprises, hidden terraces, and good addresses. So do not hesitate to explore Rennes’ nightlife yourself, and let us know of your own ‘good tips’.

Dancing all night. Once you have been hanging out in bars or terraces that are starting to close, you can go out on the Rennes dance floors. There are several good places for that, from classic clubs such as the 1988 Live Club or La Suite to other more atypical such as the Delicatessen, the Aventure or the Mango Club. Whether you are more into commercial music, Latin music, 80s nostalgia… You will find it in Rennes.

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Moving to Rennes

Moving to Rennes is the assurance of going to a city where culture is at the centre of everything. From the cultural heritage to the many events that take place all year, there is no chance that you will be bored in Rennes. It is a genuinely nice place to live, for students (where you can study and party) and for families ( who wish to find a city with things to do) alike. In addition, the sea in less than an hour away! Saint-Malo is must-see with its ramparts (and a must-taste with its famous ice cream Sanchez) … Be prepared to queue in Summer, though.

If you decide to move to Rennes, you have to think carefully about what you want. Prices and entertainment are not the same depending on the neighbourhood. You also have the opportunity to get away from it and live outside Rennes in a neighbouring town like Cesson-Sevigne. Another thing to consider: Rennes already has a metro line and the second will soon be finished! With a hyper-efficient bus network, you have access to all Rennes and its agglomerations in a few minutes. It’s a real plus point of the city.

In Rennes, you can live in the city centre. Very animated, you will find in two minutes something to do. On the other hand, do not expect to have quiet nights.

The Oberthur district can be the ideal solution. Ten minutes from the city centre, this family neighbourhood is located between Oberthur Park and Thabor. With many local shops, bars, and restaurants, you will not have all the hustle and bustle of the city centre. you may also want to consider the Sacré Coeur district or the Gayeulles, very well connected to the centre thanks to its public transport.

If you need more space, go for nearby cities like Cesson, Bruz, Pacé, Betton … You can have a house with a garden at attractive prices. The advantage is that the many bus lines make it easy to commute to Rennes if you need it!